International presence

International presence

Cicor offers its clients with interests outside our borders (outgoing clients) insurance solutions in virtually the entire world, drawing on assistance from its network of collaborating brokers abroad. Cicor, in turn, offers these brokers its support, advising their clients with interests in Spain (incoming clients). We are members of the international networks Aesis Network and International Benefits Network, as well as collaborators in Spain with Conduent and Mackenzie Taylor Benefits Consultants.

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International Benefits Network is a prestigious network of brokers, actuaries and consultants, with members in 70 countries, that provides its partners and their clients with access to consulting services on “employee benefits,” which refers to compensation offered to employees of a particular company, in addition to their monetary compensation. This can include a wide variety of benefits, such as life, health, long-term care and retirement insurance, child care, education, housing rental, company vehicles, profit sharing, expatriation, shopping discounts etc.

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Aesis is a network of independent brokers with representatives in the five continents, whose basic aim is to offer an exquisite  level of services and assistance personalized by each member. No matter where the bussiness necessities are, we can offer products and services that not only answer local concerns  but also provide a risk management of quality.

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Sequoia is one of the most important consultants worldwide in employee Benefits, with a presence in more than 130 countries. In addition to providing benefits solutions for global employees, the experienced consultants of Sequoia’s team help to navigate the complex nuances of operating in several countries, adapting the right solutions for your business, with the purpose of creating a global strategy of scalable global benefits.

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We also collaborate as consultants in Employee Benefits with the prestigious firm Buck Consulting.

“Buck has more than 100 years in the employee benefits business, combined with extensive experience in delivering a range of services to companies across multiple countries, which allows Buck to confidently push boundaries to keep employers ahead of the curve. With an eye towards the future, Buck are introducing new technology-enabled solutions across health, risk and wellbeing, flexible benefits, share plans, and DB/DC pension schemes, that make delivering on commitments seamless and more measurable, to help clients make the right decisions to achieve the best outcomes for their employees”.