Civil Liability

There is no doubt that in our society we are organized around a series of principles that have a tendency to organise our social life. One of these principles consist in not to cause any damage to goods or interests of other people.

The obligation to repair the damage one has caused is expressed in the legal system, specifically in its legal bodies, such as the Civil Code, the Penal Code and other special laws.

In order to be able to do the appropriate repairs it is compulsory to have a Civil Liability Insurance that offers the most suitable coverage to face all kind of incidences resulting from what has been stated above.

Our program of Civil Liability Insurances offers the perfect umbrella to protect the assets of our insured clients that may be forced to pay an indemnification resulting from their civil liability for damages to third parties.

Our offer includes coverage and cover base suitable and required according to a previous analysis, which is a result of our Risk Management where we quantify, evaluate and valuate how we may proceed to insure a risk in its most suitable way.


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