Our Goal

We are an Insurance and Reinsurance Broker that has a team of independent professionals and experts in insurances. We analyse and identify your coverage needs, we advice you about in risks transfer to the insurance companies, we give coverage in different companies, keeping always the best terms, and we always defend your interests against insurance companies because you are our client.

This is our main goal

This is our daily challenge

Risks Consultancy

We are experts in risk management. From doing an exhaustive analysis of the situations that could affect the statement of financial performance of the company to making risk maps. Therefore, we are able to study which risks should be transferred to the insurance market, transforming a variable and undetermined cost (accident) into a fixed and known cost (insurance premium).

We also collaborate in the making of the Contingency/Continuity Plans, contributing to the survival of your businesses in case of an accident.

Presencia Internacional

International solutions

Owing to the internalisation of our clients, we have to design and plan their insurance programs and the management of possible accidents with clarity and transparency, respecting the governance guidelines from different jurisdiction avoiding, thus, risks resulting from unpredicted costs such as reputational, fiscal or other financial costs.

We design programs with the participation of local insurance companies (when required) coordinating our activities with Master Policies and establishing clauses, technical conditions and specific allowance limits.

Nowadays we represent in Spain most prestigious international networks of the insurance world.

The thoroughness parameters in the technical aspect, the quality of the service and the financial soundness of our Brokerage have been key aspects for achieving this international representation.

Asesoria Siniestros

Accident Advice

The occurrence of an accident gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the service we promised to our clients and it is, thus, the most important moment in our relationship with our clients.

The accident is the culmination of the risk transfer and the moment to comply with the contract.

We have a team of experts in different kinds of claims that will answer your queries in any insurance matters (compensations, undervaluation, conflict of interests, valuations for insurance companies, terms, etc.). We also offer the possibility to collaborate in the resolution of high complexity accidents with policies we did not offer.