Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk

Any type of risk causing a financial loss, change or damage to the organisation’s reputation arising due to a fault in their information technology systems.

We are living in a world in which technology has been surging forward in leaps and bounds. Every day wider use of the Internet is made in our personal and professional environment, either to view contents, perform some kind of transaction or purchase or share pictures in our social networks, etc., but something else has come in along with the creation of this digital environment: cyber-risk.

This means that the security and protection of information can be a challenge for companies of any size, and hackers are no longer the only threats. Businesses depend on the Internet today to provide services such as on-line marketing, to run administrative functions, inventory management, credit card-processing and distribution controls.

Any intrusion generating an interruption in the performance of these services can damage a business’s brand and reputation apart from entailing the interested parties’ dissatisfaction and financial losses.

We have the best companies, expert in cyber-risks, which will help to identify your vulnerable points and assist you in developing an effective business strategy for prevention, preparation and protection of your organisation.

Distribution of Data Vulnerability

  • External attack

  • Theft or accidental loss

  • Unscrupulous employees

  • Hacktivists

With over 70,000 cyber-incidents, last year Spain was the third country with most cyber-attacks in the world, only after the United States and the United Kingdom.

We set out to protect you from the damages and liabilities to which you or your business may be exposed in the performance of your business stemming from any cyber-event such as a virus, the intervention of a hacker or a denial-of-service attack.


Our solution recognises the speed with which this type of cyber-events take place, providing a fast and integrated solution to tackle these attacks and placing a 24/7 help line at your disposal. This service provides technical IT assistance, legal advice, notifications and advice in Public Relations.


Some of the types of cover included are:

Civil liability for cyber-events, including violations of privacy and other incidents with the media.

Notifications to customers and mitigation costs.

Cyber-theft and extortion.

Loss of profits through business interruption.

Costs of repairing the system and data.