Credit Insurance

The losses entailed by buyers’ insolvency or default mean a major problem for businesses.

Credit insurance offers cover minimising this risk, protecting your profit and loss account and giving you key information on your current and potential customers in order to avoid any non-performance and ensure recovery in the event of bad debts.

CICOR Internacional runs this programme through a specialised credit division with great experience in this line of work, negotiating the most suitable contractual conditions for each customer depending on their customers’ structure, and the markets and countries where they sell.

Find out the whole range of possibilities offered you by CICOR Credit.

Have you any idea of the possibilities that Credit Insurance means for you?

Does the traditional credit policy continue to be your best option?

Are there any other possibilities more appropriate for your risk profile?

Nothing but advantages

We give you the option to insure only the customers that your company chooses, with a minimum number of three customers to be insured. With no minimum premium commitment, your premium is calculated based on the sales insured to the selected customers. And you can include or exclude customers during the yearly period with a cover of 95%, without any maximum annual compensation limit.

We also have policies for covering only your main customers.

Excess loss policies, very suitable for companies with high turnovers. The insured takes on a specific annual excess commitment and the Insurer provides indemnities for anything over this. Non-cancellable limits can be obtained, as policies which give the insured enormous leeway in managing their risks.

Other policies allow self –classification up to a specific sum based on commercial experience.

You will be able to contract second-level cover and double the credit limits of traditional policies with a cover structure similar to that of excess loss.

We offer recovery services through companies specialising in national or international recovery with extremely high recuperation rates and which work on a no win, no fee basis.

“Tailor-made” policies, even for recently incorporated companies

Our services

We negotiate with all Credit Insurance Companies, analysing the needs for cover and advising on the most suitable contractual conditions for each insured party.

We have the ideal technology to give a fast and qualified response to any enquiries made to us and perform any steps requested.

We provide consultancy for over two hundred companies from all sectors with the sole aim of meeting their needs as regards mediation (contracting and maintenance) in insurance policies for commercial, political and extraordinary risks.

Simplified management of policies by means of the broker’s technical and human resources.

Guarantees from 75% to 95% of unpaid commercial credits.

Payment of indemnities from 2 months.

Classifications or commercial information on customers, systematics in recruitment and security in respect of new customers.

Turning an unforeseeable cost into a fixed bad debt cost (the premium) which is corporate tax-deductible.

Measures for recovery of bad debts, savings in the resources that the Company needs to assign to recovery measures.

Designation of the beneficiary of a financial institution (improvement in overdraft facilities or cost of banking negotiation).

``Tailor-made`` policies, even for recently incorporated companies.

Guarantee as regards political risk (over 120 countries).

Participation in the profits of premiums obtained by the insurer.

Financing of indemnities to be collected.