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This policy of cookies explains what cookies are, how CICOR uses them on their website (from now on, “the Website”) and how the user can manage them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and contain certain information about the visit of the user to the Website. Cookies are downloaded by the device used to access the Website and stored on the hard disk of that device. Cookies have many utilities, including allowing the Website to identify your device when you visit us again and make sure that you get the appropriate content as well as to remember information with preferences or services that the user has provided. Cookies do not harm the device of the user in any way.

In this Cookie Policy we use the term “cookie” to refer to all the files that gather information in this way.

¿Does CICOR use cookies?

CICOR uses cookies on the Website in order to make user’s navigation much easier and to provide the user with a better experience emembering the settings and the preferences of the user concerning the design, colours and areas or menus wished to be more accessible on the welcoming screen. CICOR also uses cookies on the Website in order to gather information that helps to supervise the usage and usefulness of our Website and obtain statistic and security data.

In order to improve and personalize our service as much as possible and adapt it to the user’s preferences, CICOR may collect, elaborate and keep information related to the navigation, activity and preferences of the user. Additionally, the tools used to obtain statistics of the use of the Website offer the possibility to obtain a level of detail each time higher about the behaviour of the visitors and the users of the Website. This information can be collected, treated and conserved associated to an IP address or to a user, r be subject to a process of dissociation in order to obtain conclusions based on anonymous data.

¿Are all cookies the same?

Cookies can be classified according to their functions, their duration or who manages them. It is important to take into account that the same cookie can belong to many categories.

Technical cookies allow the user to browse through the Website and use its several options or services. CICOR uses technical cookies, some of which are essential to the functioning of the Website; for instance, the cookies that allow us to identify the users so that they can log in their private access or keep their session with the server. If the user decides not to accept these cookies, the navigation may not be possible or may become much less satisfactory.

Personalisation cookies allow us to remember the changes that the user may have applied to their account, the language chosen, the format of given elements of the Website… On CICOR we use personalisation cookies to remember the preferences of the users.

Analytical cookies allow us to obtain generic information about the access of the users to the Website in order to provide information from them with statistic purposes. This kind of cookies is used to analyse how the users browse the Website and monitor the performance of the Website. On CICOR we use third-parties analytical cookies in order to obtain information about the access of the users to the Website and improve our services.

These are the cookies sent to your terminal equipment from a device or domain managed by CICOR and from which we provide the requested service. CICOR uses its own cookies on the Website.

Third-party cookies are sent to your device from a device or domain that is not managed by CICOR. CICOR uses third-party cookies on the Website, more concretely, the cookies from Google Analytics from the company Google Inc. Concerning this, CICOR informs the user that CICOR has no control over the third-party cookies and to obtain more information they should check the Privacy or Cookie Policy from the third party.

These cookies are designed to stay active while the user browses the Website, being deleted in the moment the user closes the window from the browser. CICOR uses session cookies.

These cookies are designed to remain for a certain period of time. CICOR uses persistent cookies whose duration changes from one cookie to another depending on their purpose.

Who uses the cookies of the Website

Owing to the fact that CICOR uses its own cookies and third-party cookies (specifically, the Google Analytics from Google Inc.) on the Website, CICOR uses the cookies that are from their ownership and Google Inc. uses the cookies from its ownership. Owing to the fact that CICOR has no control over the third-party cookies, CICOR recommends the user to check the Privacy or Cookie Policy from the third party to obtain more information on their cookies.

How can I delete or turn cookies off?

Currently most of the Internet browsers are set to accept cookies automatically, even though the user can change their browser settings to warn them before the entrance of cookies or prevent them.

The user can allow, block or delete the cookies installed in their device through the settings of the browser installed on their computer. The user can change the preferences of their browser in order to limit the access of certain cookies to their computer. These preferences can be usually found on the menu “settings” or “preferences” of your browser.


Anyway, CICOR informs the user that should they change the preferences of their browser to prevent the entrance of cookies, some functions of the Website may stop being effective or may become inoperative and they may obtain a navigation through the Website less efficient, so that the user will not be able to get the best of the elements of our website.

You can find more information here, or on the menu “Help” of your browser:

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 More information on cookies

You can find more information about cookies on: o

Which cookies does CICOR use?

CICOR provides the users with the following table detailing the cookies used by this Website along with their function.