Quienes somos


A wide technical team specialized in different areas able to cover the high demand in the sector of advisory and consultancy of general, financial and credit insurances.

Nuestro objetivo

Our Goal

We resolve any insurance requirements that may arise to our clients during the exercise of their professional activity, providing comprehensive responses for all their requirements.

Presencia internacional

International presence

We offer our outgoing clients (with interests outside of Spain) insurance solutions in almost all the world, as well as those clients with interest in Spain.

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Why should you choose us as your Insurance Broker?


Our activity is supervised by General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions (DGSFP); therefore, our operations are subject to performance standards established by the law.


Brokers always work in favour of their client’s interests. Our independence and impartiality with insurance companies allow us to select and design the most suited products for our clients’ present and future necessities.

Extent of our offer

Our specialized advice and negotiation management with insurance companies allow us to offer a wide range of the most innovative and suited products for the characteristics and requirements of our clients.

Objective analysis

After an objective analysis, we offer our clients a minimum of three offers that suit their real needs based on our professional judgment.

Efficient management and after-sales service

We accompany and advice permanently our clients throughout the life of the Contract, helping them to make any kind of management in order to make their insurance fit their real context.

We represent our client

We represent and defend all the interests of our clients from insurance entities, requiring them to fulfil their obligations under the terms and conditions agreed in their insurance contract.